BELLA CAMILLABella Camilla "Classic"

BELLA CAMILLA 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Light and fresh taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed in a elegant 1 liter or 750 ml bottle with dark glass to protect longer its quality from the light.

Bella Camilla Classic it is the right choice for many styles of cooking: dressings, sauces, roasts, side dishes, frying and served fresh or as a condiment.

GIFT BOX Bella Camilla "CLASSIC" 2x1 litre
An elegant pack with two bottles of 1 liters Extra Virgin "Classic". A good idea for a elegant healthy gift .


This product is a selection of high quality  Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils  , produced and packed in Italy with olives grown, harvested and pressed in Italy. Extra virgin Bella  Camilla  can be used on all the dishes of Italian cuisine but if you want to appreciate its quality I suggest to use it to season cooked vegetables, fish, meat or for dressing salad.  It is sold in bottles of 250 and 500 ml in dark glass  to keep longer the quality characteristics of the oil. Extra Virgin  Bella Camilla has 6 different colored labels to make a moment of pleasure when we season or cook with olive oil  delicious meals. Each carton contains 12 bottles of 250 ml or 6 bottles of 500 ml.

GIFT BOX Bella Camilla "COMIC" 3x250 ml
A colorful box with 3 bottles 250 ml of high quality Bella Camilla 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil A special gift with the colors and taste of the wonderful Italy.